Mole Catchers Kit

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Mole Catchers Kit
EasySet Mole Trap Re Plunger
Mole Catchers Folding Spade
EasySet Mole Trap Trowel
EasySet Mole Trap Run Probe
EasySet Mole Trap Kneeler
EasySet Mole Trap Mole Catchers Bag
EasySet Mole Trap Guide Book

Mole Catchers Kit

4.83 out of 5 based on 6 customer ratings
(6 customer reviews)


This is an all-in-one solution with everything you’ll need to trap and get rid of moles in your garden. This kit saves you over £30 compared to buying each item individually.

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This is an all-in-one solution with everything you’ll need to trap and get rid of moles in your garden. This kit saves you over £30 compared to buying each item individually.

This kit gives you all you need to help in getting rid of moles. Each component product has been designed with great care and manufactured to the highest quality standards to ensure they operate the way they need to every time.

The kit comprises:

2 Easyset Mole Traps
1 Run Clearing Trowel
1 Mole Run Probe
1 Foldable Spade
1 Super Padded Kneeler
1 copy of The Art Of Mole Trapping
1 Mole Catchers Kit Bag

All for only £95.00, which saves you over £30 if you were to buy the products individually.

Please go to the individual product pages for more details on each item, but in summary:

Beagle EasySet Mole Trap
The best mole trap on the market.

Beagle Run Clearing Trowel
The ideal size for removing soil and stones from the mole run before setting your trap.

Beagle Mole Run Probe
Essential in locating the mole run. Allows you to stand whilst locating the mole run.

Beagle Foldable Spade
The ideal tool for preparing the ground for placing mole traps.

Beagle Super Padded Kneeler
To protect your knees and clothing from damp or wet ground.

Beagle Mole Catchers Kit Bag
Based on the familiar ‘carpenters bag’ design, the bag can fit all our accessories as well as other garden tools very comfortably.

The Art Of Mole Trapping Book
The perfect companion to every gardener’s mole catching kit. Filled with tips, tricks and mole trapping secrets.

Each of the products may also be purchased separately if required.

  1. 5 out of 5


    We’ve been plagued by moles in our garden for the last year and nothing seemed to work. We purchased the Mole Catchers Kit earlier in the year and within 24 hours, we had caught our first mole. In the last 2 months, we have caught another three and I’m happy to say that so far, the garden is quiet again.
    Great traps, very effective, safe for families with pets, easy to set and retrieve and humane. Thank you Beagle!

  2. 5 out of 5


    I have just received this kit. Have bought it for my father who is always out trying to catch his ‘pesky’ moles. Looks great altogether in the bag – I think he will love it! great unusual present idea.

  3. 5 out of 5


    I have been using an easySet trap for a year or so now, which works brilliantly and decided to get the full kit , well worth the money in my opinion. the probe and trowel are very useful when setting your traps and I like the foldable spade a lot – good gardening tool. The bag is also very useful and hard wearing. Have to keep it away from my wife though who wants to use it to go to the supermarket.

  4. 4 out of 5


    I have a caravan park covering a couple of acres. Kit very handybut I had to buy a couple of extra traps to go with it. Maybe more traps should be included in the kit?
    I have caught 3 moles so far, so cant really complain.

  5. 5 out of 5


    Saw these people at the Burghley show and was impressed with the trap. This kit has everything you need. Bag very useful too. good quality stuff. very pleased.

  6. 5 out of 5


    great kit. everything you need. v pleased.

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Yes! We are very proud that the best thing about our trap is that absolutely anyone can use it and can successfully rid their gardens of unwanted moles.

The innovative design makes it the simplest trap on the market to use. You just have to depress the ‘plunger’ to set the trap, position it in the mole run, and off you go!

For a small garden with a few mole hills, you are best off with 2.

Medium to large gardens will benefit from 3 or more, as this will increase your chances over a larger trapping area.

For very large gardens, golf-courses, or fields, think in the region of 5-10 traps.

We find that many of our customers have used the traditional traps in the past but they are no longer catching the moles. Our trap is often more effective because the moles are less likely to detect the crimped wire hoops and there is little or no risk of it becoming jammed or blocked by soil, which is so often the problem with other traps.
We do recommend that in order to keep the trap in tip top condition it is regularly cleaned in warm soapy water and rinsed thoroughly. Then ‘exercise’ the mechanism a couple of times before using again. Please read the full care instructions in the Help tab on the EasySet Mole Trap page.
It is possible to catch moles with nothing but your EasySet Mole Trap and a regular garden spade, however trapping moles is a totally different procedure to any other form of animal trapping. You have to find the mole tunnel, excavate a hole, and effectively bury the trap. At Beagle we do believe that this does require some essential supporting equipment in addition to the traps.

Firstly you need the essential probe to find the line of the tunnel…

Then you need a spade – to excavate and expose the line of the tunnel…

Then you need a small trowel to clear the tunnel of loose soil and prepare it to receive the trap…

Now you might say I’ve got all this gear and can find it in my shed, but on the other hand is it suited to the job? The probe might be an old metal clothes hanger straightened out. The spade might be too wide and the trowel the wrong shape for poking up the tunnel and getting loose soil out…

Here at Beagle Products we have been thinking about this and have designed some gear especially to accompany our acclaimed EasySet Mole Trap. We believe there is nothing quite like having the right gear to do the job.

There are many myths that say such things as “you must not touch the trap with your hands”, “you must bury a new trap in the ground for three days before you catch moles”, “you must wear gloves”, and “you must not store the traps near oil, petrol, etc.”

All of this is complete rubbish. Moles do have a good sense of smell, but scientific research has shown that these smells will not deter them. The only scents that they will avoid are those of other moles or those of predators such as weasels.

Many people claim that there is no need for traps as sonar devices, plants or even caster oil can repel moles. However each of these approaches is fundamentally flawed and unfortunately will not rid your garden of these pests!

Sonar devices may deter moles initially however their range is very limited (only around 10m) and moles often return once they get used to the sound.

The plant in question is Euphorbia Lathyris. Research at the University of California has shown that plants have no effect on moles; rather they simply tend to grow in soil that does not provide a good habitat for moles.

Using mole smokes to line the tunnel with castor oil or other unpleasant substances may cause the mole to stop using these tunnels, however this will usually lead only to another digging spree as the mole digs alternative tunnels around the now uninhabitable ones. This will simply lead to even more mole hills.

Our traps have crimped killing bars for increased point pressure, to ensure a quick clean kill every time, therefore the mole is not subjected to any prolonged suffering.