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Foldable Spade

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The ideal tool for preparing the ground for placing mole traps and also handy for any general gardening as well. It is designed to create a straight-sided hole just big enough to fit the EasySet Mole Trap, meaning less time spent preparing and setting the trap.

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The ideal tool for preparing the ground for placing mole traps.
The flat-bladed Beagle mole catchers spade has been specially designed by us to be the perfect addition to your mole trapping kit. It is smaller than normal, lighter in weight and has a shorter shaft to enable to use it whilst kneeling down. The foldable blade is flat allowing you to excavate the run without causing excess damage to roots and perfectly suited for use with the EasySet trap. Once folded the spade fits easily into any tool or kit bag, so carrying your kit becomes a lot less effort.

The blade of the spade can be folded out or up to the handle and is locked in place either way by a ring screw nut. Folded it is 50 cms long and assembled 70 cms long. So it is easier to transport in a bag and when assembled of a reasonable length whether you are handling it standing or kneeling.

Perfect fit for use with EasySet Mole Trap
The blade is one centimetre in width more than the length of the Beagle Easyset Mole Trap. This ensures a tight fit and means that you only dig the size of hole required to fit the trap, thus requiring less filling in with earth afterwards and saving you time.

Forged steel flat blade
The blade is also flat so that it will cut a straight divot the length of the trap again ensuring a tight fit with little back fill to exclude light.

The cutting edge is square and ground down to an acceptable level of sharpness so it will slice through small roots.

Hardwood handle
The handle is hardwood, so you know that it will last for a long time.

Great for general garden use
Slightly smaller and lighter than the average spade, making it perfect for quick jobs. We find that the flat blade makes it an ideal border spade!

Also available as part of the all-in-one Beagle Mole Catchers Kit.

  1. 5 out of 5


    I like that it is foldable and it’s the perfect size for the easy set trap so it makes positioning the trap a lot easier, which is good when you have a number of traps to set.

  2. 4 out of 5


    I like the flat blade and the fact that it folds up is very useful for carrying around – I have a lot of land so end up having to carry my kit for quite a distance between mole runs, the folding blade makes it much easier. nice and sturdy.

  3. 4 out of 5


    Love this spade. really handy. I have the mole traps but use this spade more for general gardening.

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Like most mole traps, in order to position your EasySet Trap in the mole run you have to excavate the ground with a spade and expose the tunnel and then place the trap in the run.

The less you disturb the tunnel and the tighter the fit for the trap the better. Beagle we have developed a special spade for this purpose. .

Yes! We are very proud that the best thing about our trap is that absolutely anyone can use it and can successfully rid their gardens of unwanted moles.

The innovative design makes it the simplest trap on the market to use. You just have to depress the ‘plunger’ to set the trap, position it in the mole run, and off you go!

For a small garden with a few mole hills, you are best off with 2.

Medium to large gardens will benefit from 3 or more, as this will increase your chances over a larger trapping area.

For very large gardens, golf-courses, or fields, think in the region of 5-10 traps.

We find that many of our customers have used the traditional traps in the past but they are no longer catching the moles. Our trap is often more effective because the moles are less likely to detect the crimped wire hoops and there is little or no risk of it becoming jammed or blocked by soil, which is so often the problem with other traps.
We do recommend that in order to keep the trap in tip top condition it is regularly cleaned in warm soapy water and rinsed thoroughly. Then ‘exercise’ the mechanism a couple of times before using again. Please read the full care instructions in the Help tab on the EasySet Mole Trap page.
It is possible to catch moles with nothing but your EasySet Mole Trap and a regular garden spade, however trapping moles is a totally different procedure to any other form of animal trapping. You have to find the mole tunnel, excavate a hole, and effectively bury the trap. At Beagle we do believe that this does require some essential supporting equipment in addition to the traps.

Firstly you need the essential probe to find the line of the tunnel…

Then you need a spade – to excavate and expose the line of the tunnel…

Then you need a small trowel to clear the tunnel of loose soil and prepare it to receive the trap…

Now you might say I’ve got all this gear and can find it in my shed, but on the other hand is it suited to the job? The probe might be an old metal clothes hanger straightened out. The spade might be too wide and the trowel the wrong shape for poking up the tunnel and getting loose soil out…

Here at Beagle Products we have been thinking about this and have designed some gear especially to accompany our acclaimed EasySet Mole Trap. We believe there is nothing quite like having the right gear to do the job.

There are many myths that say such things as “you must not touch the trap with your hands”, “you must bury a new trap in the ground for three days before you catch moles”, “you must wear gloves”, and “you must not store the traps near oil, petrol, etc.”

All of this is complete rubbish. Moles do have a good sense of smell, but scientific research has shown that these smells will not deter them. The only scents that they will avoid are those of other moles or those of predators such as weasels.

Many people claim that there is no need for traps as sonar devices, plants or even caster oil can repel moles. However each of these approaches is fundamentally flawed and unfortunately will not rid your garden of these pests!

Sonar devices may deter moles initially however their range is very limited (only around 10m) and moles often return once they get used to the sound.

The plant in question is Euphorbia Lathyris. Research at the University of California has shown that plants have no effect on moles; rather they simply tend to grow in soil that does not provide a good habitat for moles.

Using mole smokes to line the tunnel with castor oil or other unpleasant substances may cause the mole to stop using these tunnels, however this will usually lead only to another digging spree as the mole digs alternative tunnels around the now uninhabitable ones. This will simply lead to even more mole hills.

Our traps have crimped killing bars for increased point pressure, to ensure a quick clean kill every time, therefore the mole is not subjected to any prolonged suffering.